About Mechanized

For nearly two decades Mechanized has been a hub for those seeking the underground, from music to clothing to art and designer toys.

"Mechanized Records was opened in 1992 in what was then a semi-dive of a warehouse.  It started as a clothing shop, if you consider a rack of about 16 t-shirts a clothing shop.  The purpose of Mechanized was to provide one of the owners with a taste of their New York. The inventory mostly consisted of t-shirts she had seen on the streets of St. Mark's place, in her old neighborhood.

It didn't take long for the local talent in Salt Lake City to find Mechanized, and soon the racks were filling up with clothing made in Utah.  Featuring lines such as Evil Puppet Head and Jaguar, Mechanized became a platform for the creativity of the residents in Salt Lake City.

At a trade show in San Diego, the owners of Mechanized happened upon a club night where Mark E. Quark was DJing.  Totally falling for the music he was playing, a change was dreamt of for Mechanized - it was to become a music store, specializing in vinyl, focusing on house music."

Over the years Mechanized made a few location changes;  from the all inclusive coffee shop, dance club venue to the "focused on music" Main St. record store back to a seedy warehouse and on to artist designated space.  Fall of 2011 will bring a new space and dedication to what we feel Mechanized is all about...